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Social Media Strategist

Whether your company is the largest tech company in the world, a small business who gives its all to survive or even a rising star athlete who just wants to find that one play or win that will push them to the top; we all need that story told to the masses.

Web Content Writing

Today’s society demands that each of us stay at the forefront of technology in order to ensure quick and easy access to what we are all about.  So how can your story be told and most assuredly shared to the masses?


While I may not hold a magic wand in my hand, I do have the right words, experience and knowledge to assure that YOUR STORY is not only told but becomes a legend that will be shared throughout the ends of time.

  • Client Testimonial
“Ellen came in to help organize and assist myself and the Sam Bass Gallery staff with our social media plan. This plan has continued to improve my online presence, brand awareness, sales and marketing opportunities.” – Sam Bass. Owner, Sam Bass Illustration & Design, Inc
Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by Ellen Richardson.
Great Service, and I loved working with Ellen