I Have A Blog – Now What?

I Have A Blog – Now What?

During our last conversation, I mentioned that your automotive company should be focused on a new marketing strategy (content marketing). If you followed my advice, your company now has an all new blog on your readily updated website. Great job!

I guess I am reading your mind because I can just hear the next question forming – NOW WHAT??

Good thing I am here to help. Now it is time to develop an editorial calendar, determine the topics that you feel would keep your current and new customers engaged and decide how often you should post.

While I wish that I could tell you that there is a magic formula to determine both relevant topics as well as how often you should post, there is an easy solution. These answers come from knowing your business as well as your customers.

Fortunately, you now have someone on your side that can not only write your blog posts, but is here to develop each of the components to assure that your new marketing strategy is a success.

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