Time for a New Marketing Strategy

Time for a New Marketing Strategy

The 51st airing of the Super Bowl is right around the corner and while many things have changed over the last 50+ years, one thing remains the same – many still watch this famed football game for the commercials. While many brands would love to have $5 million to blow on a 30-second Super Bowl commercial, do you really feel like your customers will be showing up to purchase that new car or show up at your next motorsports event after seeing this? I am guessing that most of you are shaking your head right now.

That’s right! While we football fans love to talk about some of our favorite ads shown during this game, very few of us will go out and buy a bag of Doritos the next day or take stock in Anheuser-Busch. What will have many of us chomping at the bit these days though are those brands that are not only active on social media, but those who are doing their part to show that they care about their customer. This is why it is no surprise to me to see the rising success of content marketing.

In fact, research shows that spending on this new marketing strategy is expected to outpace spending on digital advertising in 2017. The funny thing is, research also shows that more brands will be reverting to digital advertising as opposed to traditional (print, television and radio advertising) going forward.

So, what exactly is this new-fangled form of promotion? Content marketing is like taking a step back to tell your customers your story, while also explaining how you are changing lives for the better. Think back to your favorite Sports Illustrated article, do you still remember the athlete that you read about? I bet you even hung onto a copy of this article. Could you imagine someone reading a story about your brand like this?  Having a content marketing strategy can turn this dream into a reality.

Several automotive brands have already begun to reap the benefits from a successful content marketing strategy. I am actually in love with Lincoln Motor Company’s “Lincoln Now” content marketing campaign.

In an effort to grab the attention of sophisticated younger drivers, Lincoln decided to focus on the creation of the Lincoln Now storyboard website that solely focuses on the stories of Lincoln owners. These stories are then shared across Lincoln’s social media channels using the branded hashtag #LincolnNow. This not only showcases the quality of this legendary automotive brand but gives customers a look into the brand’s “human side”.

I personally love to tell stories like that of Ed Avedisian, so if your brand is ready to tell their story, contact the AutoMaven today and let me help you open up to a new chapter of success.